Consulting Areas

Acoustical Design

Concert venues, Conference Halls, Offices, Multi-Purpose Halls

Electroacoustical Design

Sport, Transport Facilities, Healtcare Buildings, Club Sound Systems

Stage Lighting
& Mechanics

Stage Lighting and Stage Mechanics Solutions

Building Acoustics

Sound Transmission Control and Vibration Isolation

Environmental Noise Control

Noise Barrier Design, Environmental Noise Maps

Project Phases

Project Phases

Analysis of initial conditions via acoustical measurements, and assessment of possible solutions.


Virtual modelling of architecture for detailed assessment via simulations.


Development of layers by selection of type, layout and mounting type of materials.


Production of documentation to support bidding, procurement and application processes of customers.

We see acoustical design as the integral part of the interior design. Our aim is to contribute to architectural aesthetics while enhancing the acoustical comfort.


Working Hours

Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:30 (Istanbul Time Zone)

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Telephone +90 232 462 0 666

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